Logitech Brio Stream Firmware Update

I apologise for the off-topic nature of this post but there may be other people stuggling with this issue and there is no clear fix.

If you have a Logitech Brio Stream Edition webcam and you’re trying to update the firmware using the file from Logitech, you’ll likely get an error saying Device not found.

This happens because the Stream Edition requires a different firmware updater to the one you’ll find on the Logitech site. I couldn’t find a link to it anywhere on their support site but ended up finding a link to an FTP directory containing the correct version of the updater. Thanks /r/LogitechG!

Look in this FTP folder and find the latest version of the LogiBrioStreamFWUpdate_x.y.z file for your platform (Windows/macOS). In my case, it was LogiBrioStreamFWUpdate_1.3.13.dmg. Download and run.

This version will detect your webcam and update the firmware.

Another useful tool (which you can find on the Logitech site), is Camera Settings. This will let you turn the webcam’s auto focus and auto white balance off so you can dial them in manually.

Regular on-topic postings will resume shortly…